sustaining a sustainable wardrobe

It was at a Jon Rafman talk last week that everything came together. The artist declared that, “If you understand everything, you can’t be interested.” This was to become the manifesto for my perfect wardrobe.

For the duration of September, I took on a personal project in which I would investigate the effect of meditation on my intellectual drive. It came to my attention that in fact, you must understand yourself in order to be interested in other things. For me, dressing in a way that makes me comfortable and attractive in myself is the most important aspect of my wardrobe. It took me two mornings of waking up with a meditation and yoga, to realize that in fact while my clothes may not be the plethora of designer tags I wish they could be, they would suffice for my twenty-year-old, unemployed, fashion-student self.


My wardrobe may not be ‘perfect’ by everyone’s standards, but my experiment with mindfulness has made me realize that perhaps it is by my standards. I may be missing the odd sock, but I’ve learnt to live with it, play with what I’ve got. Vivienne Westwood was quoted in her recent book with Ian Kelly as saying “you have a much better life wearing impressive clothes” followed by “if clothes can’t express our higher aspirations as human beings then they are not doing their job” and I’m beginning to relate.

After all, I want to be recognized for what I do. My work, not what I look like. And on that note, what better way to end this piece with a quote from style icon Iris Apfel who states in her documentary, ‘Iris’, “I don’t dress to be stared at, I dress for myself”.



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