the place that makes me feel real – bloomfield

living on the other side of the globe from your family (well, mum, dad and gus) can be hard at times. when you realise that your favourite place in the world, the place that makes you feel real, is also on that same side of the world, it can feel even harder. the reasons for bloomfield being my happy place are vast. it could be my favourite place because its where i feel closest to my family or because i can take my goat and dog on a walk at the same time, on the same lead. it could be because thats where billy is buried, or it could be because the internet connection is so slow that its more painful to upload an instagram than driving through a barbed wire fence on a motorbike (I’ve experienced both).

i don’t want this post to be about being homesick or whatever but i want to point out that i appreciate the way my life has panned out post-school. its always going to be hard leaving your favourite place but you need to be thankful for what you have been given. i was given the opportunity to study abroad which meant giving up my favourite place for a few months of the year. it aint that bad. i suppose i wrote this post to make people appreciate their lives and live in the moment but actually i think i may have just done it for myself. bloomfield is always going to be the place where i can chill and eat to my full potential. well done bloomfield. what? sorry. thanks.



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