BEST and WORST this week.

BEST: Turtle necks. Its my birthday next week and for the love of god if I get some cashola granola this is going to be the first thing I purCHASE. Winter is coming. I’m not talking weird tight american apparel turtle neck though, I’m talking yum-yum-wrap-me-up-in-a-burrito-and-squeeze-me-cashmere-yumness turtleneck. Audrey Hepburn nailed it back in the day and now Céline and the Olsen Twins’ ‘The Row’ is KILLING it. gimme.

WORST: Shellac! – ask me a month ago and this would have been on my favourites but at the risk of sounding frighteningly like a (probably too familiar) character from a movie ‘my nail beds suck’. I know loads of people swear by it and if it works for you then I’m very jealous but its COMPLETELY ruined my nails. I’ve never been one to care how my nails look (as in paint) but they are so brittle and unhealthy from having shellac that I’ve been having to use a treatment every few days. Naht fresh.

BEST AND WORST: Grapefruit seed extract – Ask any of my friends and they will tell you its the worst and it really does taste like poison… but ooh aah it is my LIFESAVER. The combination of grapefruit seed, pulp and white membranes act as a natural microbial and I kid you not it is a miracle worker. A good friend of myself and my family, Vicky Vlachonis,  told me about it and my grandpa (80 going on 40) uses it every day. Whenever you feel slightly under tha weather put some drops in water and DRINK. It couldn’t taste worse but you’ll be fighting fit within a day. There are NO need for antibiotics.

BEST: A weekend in the week. Two nights in Norfolk last week was exactly what i needed. West Lexham ( is a “dream made reality, living with a deeper connection to nature, to ourselves and to each other.” The ‘glamping’ ground consists of luxury tree houses, tree temples, bell tents and cottages and is run completely sustainably. It was an absolute dreaam being able to escape from the city for a ‘weekend in the week’ last week. week.


BEST: St Tropez for a day. On Wednesday I was invited to St Tropez for the day. Living in Europe definitely has its pros. It was insane I couldn’t believe my luck.


WORST: I have a dangerous obsession/addiction to my new ‘Sterling Super Salad.’ Im sorry for the instagram spam. IMG_5022


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