10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

I just got out of the bath to post this. This is big.

I could go on for a very long time right now having a rant about spirituality and my views on it. This article pretty much sums it up though. There are so many people out there these days who have somehow come to believe that dressing a certain way makes you a ‘spiritual person’.

To me, its the complete opposite. I think that a spiritual person is someone who has firm beliefs about specific things and connects to the spiritual world in their own way. For me, wearing plainer clothes (the complete opposite to the ‘boho’ style that appears hippie or whatnot) is what makes me feel more connected to my beliefs. I believe in quality food and art and reflect this in the quality clothing that i chose to wear. Being in a calm space makes me feel grounded and more spiritually aware then ever. For me, colours and textures are vital in creating a calm environment and I do this in dressing the way I do.

I know a lot of people who have adhered to this ‘spiritual’ image through hippie clothing and primarily these people are the ones who have little or no spiritual beliefs.

Anyway, have a read of this and let me know if you agree or not. I’m interested to see if I’m the only one who thinks this way.

10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases | Spirit Science and Metaphysics.



Ps. Don’t get me wrong, weird clothes are fun every now and then.


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