Hanoi Cooking School – Vietnam

Hello Hello, It was a while ago now, which makes this even harder to write (my rice paper roll and pho withdrawals are only getting worse), but during my time in Vietnam my dad and I did a one-day cooking course with the SWEEETEST little vietnamese man in the entire world. We made loads of delicious deliciousness and ended up eating it all despite BOTH feeling a little yuck that morning. We made: – Banana Blossom Salad – Fresh Rice Paper Rolls – Pork ‘Bun Cha’ – Grilled pork with rice noodles and loads of yummy herbs and sauces.


Banana Blossom Salad –

– 1 Young banana blossom, finely cut (hoa chuoi)

– 500ml Iced water (nuoc da)

– 1 Tablespoon lime juice (nuoc cot chanh)

– 300 gram Duck breasts or chicken breasts (uc vit hoac uc ga)

– 125 ml Dip (fish sauce) (Nuroc tron nom)

– 1 Teaspoon finely polygonum (Ram hung)

– 1 Tablespoon ground peanuts (lac rang)

– 1 Tablespoon fried shallots (hanh phi)

– 1 Tablespoon coriander leaves (hanh phi)

– 1 Cucumber (Dura Chuot)

– 1 Carrot (ca rot)

– 50g Bean sprouts (Gia do)

1. Place the sliced banana blossom in cold water with like juice and let soak for ONE HOUR

2. Boil (or steam) the duck or chicken in a shallow sauce pan with a little water until tender. Let cool, remove skin and cut into thin slices

3. Drain the banana blossom and toss in a large bowl with fish sauce dip, polygonum, ginger, peanuts and the slices duck

4. Arrange on a platter. And sprinkled with fried shallot, garnish with cilantro



Fresh Spring Rolls:

– 150g Pork loin (thit than)

– 200g Medium prawns (tom)

– 50g Fresh cucumber (dua chuot)

– 15g Carrot (ca rot)

– 30g Onion (Hanh tay)

– 10 Pieces rice paper (hem cuon)

– 3 tablespoons fish sauce (nuoc man)

– 20g fresh coriander (rau mui)

– 30g Vietnamese herbs (rau thom cac loai)

– 50g Peanuts ground (lac)

– 20g chives (he)

– 50g Fresh rice noodles (bun)

– 50g Fried shallot (hanh phi)

lemon, sugar*, salt and pepper to taste (chanh, duong muoi, tieu nem vua an)

1. Boil the pork and prawn and combine fresh cucumber, carrot, onion and mix sugar, lemon fish sauce pepper and coriander for sauce

2. Roll rice paper with all the ingredients

3. Serve



‘Little Ha Noi “Bun Cha” with BBQ pork’

– 300g Pork bacon or pork shoulder (thit ba chi hoac nac vai)

– 300g Minced pork or pork shoulder cut 0.5cm sliced (vai xay)

– 100g chopped shallot (hanh kho bam nho)

– 30g chopped garlic (toi bam nho)

– 100g finely chopped spring onion (hanh tay)

– 5 table spoons caramel sauce (nuoc duong caramen)

– 3 table spoons fish sauce (mo nuoc)

– 2 table spoons of sugar* (duong)

– 2 table spoons salt and pepper to taste (muoi, hat tieu vua nem)

– 2 pieces of lemon grass (cu sa)

Dipping sauce:

– 500g fresh rice noodles (bun)

– 300g Carrot, kohlrabi and green papaya (ca rot, su hao, du du)

– 150g xanh

– 150g Vietnamese herbs: basil, perilla, marjoram, lettuce (rau thom, mui, tia to, kinh gioi, xa lach, rau che)

– 100ml water boiling (nuoc dun)

– 50ml sugar* (duong)

– 50ml caramel sauce* (nuoc hang)

– Salt to taste

Fish sauce:

– 5 pieces of garlic, chopped. (toi bam)

– 30g chopped red chilli (ot bam)

– 1 spoon of lemon juice (chanh qua)

– 3 tablespoons vinegar (dam)

– 1 tablespoon caramel sauce* (nuoc hang)

– 1 tablespoon sugar* (duong)

– 5 tablespoons water (nuoc loc)

– 2 tablespoons fish sauce (nuoc mam)

1. Combine the marinated pork bacon for 15 minutes and grill over charcoal until golden brown

2. Mix minced pork and marinated pork into small balls and grill until golden brown

3. Serve with garnish

Dipping Sauce:

1. Boil chicken or pork stock, coconut juice, sugar*, caramel sauce*, salt and keep cool and combine fish sauce, chopped garlic, red chilli, lemon juice, vinegar, minced pepper, ground pepper.


* All vietnamese recipes use a lot of sugar… I had to brave the sugar for the trip and I’m not proud of it! But seriously a little bit of sugar on a special occasion is not going to kill you. Just make sure you make lots of ginger, lemon and green leafy vegetable based smoothies after!

Clem 🙂




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