Inspiring Laydeee – Morgan Wood



It may be strange to think that one of the people I consider to be insanely inspiring is one of my nearest and dearest, but thats just what she is. Strange.

ONLY JOKING. But not at all. Morgan and I haven’t been friends for very long but when she moved to my school in year 11 (almost three years ago) we made friends instantly because I thought she was weird. HOWEVER not only is she weird, she is funny, clever and one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life. She’s also vegan and, if you follow my instagram you may have already noticed, we make LOADS of yummy treats together.

I’m not writing this so that all of you go and stalk Morgan on Instagram (however if you want to, be my guest @morganwould) and try to start wearing your hair like she does. I’m writing this to show you that some of the most inspiring people in your life could be A LOT closer than you thought. Morgan and I had most classes together for two years and I would be guaranteed a laugh (be it for a ridiculous pun or inappropriate story) in every lesson. She ALWAYS looks for a positive in any given situation and she’s a REEEAAAL dream-chaser (she has just got back from a Bali Eco-Stay and is about to go to Africa to do charity work for a few months).

If you want to know more about Morgan leave me a comment or an email: and maybe I can get her to write a lil somethin’ somethin’



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