If you follow me on Instagram @clemfresh you’ll know that I’ve just returned from a week in North Vietnam with my dad and brother. While my brother spent a bit of time sitting by the pool at the hotel doing ‘work’ and getting spa treatments I had to cater for my dads weird 12-year-old inability to sit still. HOWEVER I do love my dad to bits and while the sex education exhibition at the ‘Museum of Ethnology’ was one of the more awkward experiences of the trip, we did do loads of cool ‘clemfresh’ things (which is actually becoming a term in our household). Over the next week or so I’ll be putting together a few separate Vietnam posts but I don’t want to bombard so I’ll be mindful of your email inboxes and try and keep posts spread out by a few days at least. (sorry about picture number 5 – had to include a picture of the sex education exhibition… too weird)




Clompch 🙂 



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