RAW Bannoffee Pie

I’m beginning to pride myself on my ba-not-so-offee pie. Lately my Auntie and I have been experimenting with different recipes and this easter Sunday I think we nailed it.

A few things we learnt along the way:

1. Hand whisking is very hard

2. The bowl that you whip the coconut milk in MUST be freezing cold

3. You have to put the blade in the food processor before you put the ingredients in

4. Frozen Coyo (coconut yoghurt) is very frozen

5. Agave is very sticky

I promise we’re not idiots.

ANYWAY here it is…


For the base –

1 Cup pecans

1 Cup walnuts (we used mixed nuts for our first try. It worked)

1.5 Cups dates or raisins

1 Pinch of salt

0.5 Teaspoons of vanilla

For the filling –

3 Peeled bananas

1/4 Cup nut butter

2 Tablespoons melted coconut oil

1/4 Cup agave

1/4 Cup nut milk

Pinch of salt

1 Teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 Cup cacao powder

For the topping –

1 Can of cold coconut milk

1/8 Of a teaspoon of stevia

Method – (before you start put a silver mixing bowl in the freezer)

1.Process all of the crust ingredients in a food processor, press into a pie dish and place in the freezer

2. For the filling, blend all of the ingredients and pour/spoon into the crust

3. Put coconut milk in mixing bowl (from the freezer) with stevia and whisk until thick. Spread over the pie and leave in freezer

4. Once the pie is frozen enough, decorate with bananas, nuts, raw chocolate and whatever else tickles your fancy



(Here are a few different ones)



3 thoughts on “RAW Bannoffee Pie

  1. I cannot stop thinking about that delicious pie. I almost made one today but would have eaten the entire thing. It was beyond good. Thank you for such deliciousness. Hen x

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