Where to eat – New York City


I’ve just returned from a MONTH in New York City and I still feel like I haven’t experienced the whole NYC health food experience… And I did a lot. I have never been somewhere with such a huge variety of delicious healthy places in my life. I thought Sydney and London were good but oh my. I don’t even know where to start.

I barely needed to leave the West Village where I was completing a photography course at The New School (Parsons) to find the crazy amount of raw/vegan/gluten free/dairy free/refined sugar free/soy free places that i ended up eating at EVERY day (and the cafeteria at Parsons wasn’t even half bad!). I’m going to do my very best to put these in order of preference but honestly every place on here was equally amazing in different ways. If you’re going to New York anytime soon I ask you PLEASE for the love of clemfresh go to AT LEAST one of these places.

1. Hu Kitchen.

Everything about this place was amazing. It was unlike anywhere I have ever been. You know how lots of healthy places have a kind of slightly dirty/old feel to them? this couldn’t have been further from that. In the morning they do hot and cold breakfasts including pancakes, breakfast burrito (amazing) and paleo muffins. For lunch there is a selection of salads as well as meats and other meals and in the night time the lights dim and organic alcohol and beer is served. What I found so interesting about this place is the perfect ambience. At any time of day you could walk in and feel comfortable and at night time it feels more like a groovy bar than a health food cafe (perfect for dinner with my brother who could drink as much as he wanted while I could enjoy the healthy food, which he surprisingly really really enjoyed too). OH and how could I forget!! the ‘Mashbar’ – GENIUS. With the selection of a cashew cream, chia pudding or almond butter base and with a huge selection of toppings including mushed paleo choc chip cookies and fresh fruit these desserts were the perfect finish to any/every day.

Address: 5th Ave between 14th and 13th st.

IMG_3411 IMG_3414 IMG_3649 photo_4

2. Ellary’s Greens.

It was a very close call between Ellary’s Greens and Hu Kitchen as my #1 favourites. Ellary’s very quickly became a favourite for dinner in my family. My parents are both really into healthy living but my dad LOVES his meat and is a big man who needs a lot of food… so its sometimes quite hard to cater for the entire family when deciding on a place to go for dinner. Not with Ellary’s. It offered such a great variety of foods suitable for everyone. Whilst everything was fresher than fresh there were enough heartier options (bacon, curries, sweet potato) that satisfied the whole family. A favourite of mine would have to be the scallion steamed chicken breast with steamed kale and roasted cauliflower. And I don’t know how they do it but oh my they serve THE BEST brussel sprouts i have ever experienced (i think cooked with apple or something else sweet and delicious). They also do amazing almond pancakes and other delicious gluten free and vegan desserts.



Address: 33 Carmine St. Between Bleecker and Bedford.

3. Uway Cafe.

Simple and delicious salad bar. I had lunch here everyday when I was at Parsons. You can have personalised salads and I would have kale, broccoli, cucumber, avocado, grilled chicken and celery with lemon juice and olive oil.

I don’t have any pictures from Uway but you can take my word, it was delicious. And they have student discount √

4. Buddha Berry and Victory Garden Frozen Yoghurt.

Okay so Buddha Berry wasn’t in New York CITY but it was in the Hamptons and i decided that it deserved a place on this list. Oh my days. I have NEVER had such good yoghurt in my life. I don’t usually have dairy because it upsets my stomach but it was so worth it. I went with a few friends who all had different types of yoghurt and everything looked amazing. I had honey and cinnamon frozen greek yoghurt topped with berries, mango, ‘buddha mix’ (dried fruit and nuts), chia seeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries. I would go back to the Hamptons just for it.

However Victory Garden IS in NYC (right next to Ellary’s greens) and IS dairy free. Goats milk yoghurt who would have thought? I was slightly concerned about the name of the original flavour being ‘tangy goat milk’ but topped with pistachio, granola and agave syrup it was anything BUT tangy. I used to be obsessed with frozen yoghurt when i lived in Sydney and once i gave up dairy I was mostly disappointed about not being able to have my weekly fix of wow cow froyo, so as you can imagine discovering Victory Garden was possibly the highlight of my trip!

Addess: Carmine St. Between Bleecker and Bedford (next door to Ellary’s)

IMG_3592 IMG_3980

New York is packed with delicious food places. There were other delicious places i went to but i don’t want to bombard you with information. If you want to hear about other places to go feel freee to send me an email/comment on this post. However these are the places that stood out the most for me. I have been to a lot of healthy cafes and these three/four were mind blowing. In the future I hope to have a cafe half as good as any of these places!



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