My favourite summer refreshments

Here in Australia summer can get pretty intense. In the last week temperatures have reached 47 degrees CELCIUS… and by popular demand I’m making this post to help everyone cool down before they go back to school/uni/work. Sooo HERE IT IS:


Hands down my favourite summer treeeaat. SUPER duper fresh and SUPER duper easy to make. All you need to do is choose your base – fruit juice (make sure its no added sugar or get ya mits on a juicer and make the juice yourself), coconut water, tea or just water. Second, simply add any fruit you want! – Berries are my favourite, mint is delicious to add, mango, etc… Another way you can do Icy Poles is by making a smoothie (recipes in other posts) and freezing them.


2. Frozen Fruit

SO EASY! just put your fruit in the freezer! When I was looking after my younger cousins, I made a fruit salad out of frozen fruits and told them they were lollies… and they believed me. My frozen fruit of choice is definitely frozen grapes.


3. Iced Tea

Iced Green tea is so delicious and so so so good for you and will hydrate and energise you during the summer heat. Its important that you infuse the tea for longer than usual because when ice is added, the tea is diluted. Again, just add berries, peaches, mint leaves, ice and lemon or lime. Berry tea is also delicious iced but I prefer to add in my own flavours!


4. Hot Tea

It sounds absolutely ridiculous but having a tea in the heat is surprisingly cooling as it makes you sweat which is the bodies natural process to cool itself down. Last year a few friends and I went to Indonesia where we built a house in 40 degree heat everyday and we learnt that drinking hot tea was so much more refreshing than any iced drink.


5. Fruit Smoothies

If you follow my instagram (@clemfresh) you know how crazy I am about a good smoothie. When its too hot a rich smoothie can make you feel a bit heavy but try having a light, coconut water or tea based smoothie, rather than milk or yoghurt. Layered rainbow smoothies are great summer refreshments.


6. ‘Nice’ Cream

Frozen fruit blended in a food processor makes a perfect nice cream. Bananas are the secret to a creamy base and mango and berries adds an extra bit of flavour. If you don’t want a fruit nice cream brands like ‘Coyo’ do amazing coconut yoghurt based nice cream which aren’t as nutritious but nonetheless still so yummo.



7. Frappes

I LOVE FRAPPES. Its hard to perfect a frappe but my watermelon and honeydew ones are pretty good. Literally just honeydew, watermelon, ice and a little agave syrup.




Eeveryone loves a fruit platter on a stinky summers day. Serve with Iced tea and yaaaa set.



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