Palm Beach (Australia) Pt.2 – not food

Heyo, I’ve been getting heaps of requests for specific recipes and I will be making separate posts very soon! The internet up here in Palmy is not that great but I’m working with it…..

The last week my dad has been working on getting me fit after recovering from Glandular fever. We’re also planning on going to Vietnam in April to eat yummy food and do lots of yoga, bicycling and other crazy cultural things. (If anyone has been to Vietnam and has recommendations let me know pleaseeee).

In order to get me back on track dads been making me do loads of paddle boarding (core strength), kayaking (core strength), running and walking (cardio) and we’ve been going for loads of swims in the surf after he has beaten me in tennis.

Stand up paddle boarding is especially ggeeewwdd because training on unbalanced surfaces is very effective for building the core muscle groups (stomach and lower back) and for training muscles to work in co-ordinated ways so that the benefits are transferable to other dynamic sports.  In sport we require our bodies to provide  strength while we are on the move and THAT is why stand up paddle boarding is so great. yay.

IMG_8913 IMG_8990 IMG_9094 IMG_9127 IMG_9134 IMG_9166 IMG_9180 IMG_9197 IMG_9222 IMG_9261 IMG_9277

Dad and I found a little cave on one of our walks tooooIMG_9318 IMG_9324 IMG_9333 IMG_9355 IMG_9367 IMG_9370 IMG_9381 IMG_9377 IMG_9384




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